Christmas tree

We got a beauty this year.  Big and full. I’ve decorated it with new, vintage and handmade ornaments.  My cat thinks it is her new hunting space:)

Gifts from my daughter:

Poland, 1950s:

Germany, 1950-60s, 1930-s

Japan, 1940-50s:

Handmade by my daughter:

 Russia, 1950s:



For all of my friends who miss snow.  We have enough. I can share:)




Smell of Christmas

This time of year I make Orange and Clove Pomanders.  They are so simple to make, and their spicy aroma will make your whole house smell of Christmas!
You will need:
– orange
– whole cloves
– toothpick

Chose a good thin skinned orange.
Pierce the orange with a toothpick and poke the cloves into the orange. You can cover the orange completely or make  patterns.
The spicy cloves will absorb the orange juice and give off a great Christmas smell.
Put a group of oranges in a bowl or hang them around the house.

Happy Holidays!

A gift from a friend

Today I got an unexpected gift from one of my Etsy friend!

A beautiful Christmas tree decoration from Lana. Thank you! I love it!

Lana is an embroidery designer and has two shops on Etsy.
FineEmbroidery and FunEmbroidery

Beautiful, unique and very feminine design. These are some of my favorites:


Love the rustic look of this mittens.  Yarn is  natural white 100% wool.

Vintage mushroom mugs

My vintage mushroom mugs where included on birchandbird blog post.


Wonderful collection! Thank you!

My mittens were on the front page of Etsy today! Thank you LAccentNou!