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The recycled hand dyed yarn got a new life:) I’ve knitted a pair of mittens. Berries and chocolate:)


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Playing with colors

I’ve reclaimed a sweater from Goodwill. The yarn is nice, soft and pink… Too much pink for me, so I dyed part of the yarn. Here are the original pink yarn, yarn dyed with purple and yarn dyed with brown color. I like the result, the yarn looks like berries with chocolate:)


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New color

I’ve dyed the red yarn again. Added some purple and green. It looks better now.


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A perfect day.

Today was the best day of this month, sunny, warm and colorful. I wish the rest of the fall will be the same. And winter too… All right, we can have some snow for Christmas:)

This weekend I dyed yarn. For the first time I used food coloring. It was fun. I don’t really like the red, so I’ll dye it again with a brighter color.


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