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A big progect. The End.

I finished my big project! It took me 22 days to knit  (from November 22 to December 13).  I’m happy with the result:)


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A big project. 13-16.

Finished the sleeves yesterday. Working on the shawl collar. Hope to finish soon:)

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A big project. 6-12.

Still knitting… I finished the front of the cardigan (two parts) yesterday. Working on the first sleeve.

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Last night I finished the back of the cardigan. It is about 28″ long.

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I’m knitting a cardigan… Without a pattern… For someone who lives in a different city. And I hope to finish it before Christmas. Last time I’ve knitted “a big thing” was 10 years ago. So… Will see:)

Day 0. I bought the yarn – Plymouth Yarn, Encore (75% acrylic, 25% wool)  and I made the pattern. It is not real pattern, but will help me to keep the right size:)
Day 1. Probably it is better to call “evening 1”:) I knitted this:

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