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Quince Time


It is Quince Month! I like quince:) I like it steamed with sugar, baked with nuts, staffed with lamb and rice… It is a short season for  quince, so I must to try everything:) And of course, I make quince jam… or marmalade… or both;)



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I like garlic. I eat it fresh, backed, pickled… Now I grow my own garlic, it is easy and fun.
I’ve bought garlic from a local farmer, hope I’ll have my own cloves for planting next season.

The best time to plant garlic is middle of October (I live upstate NY).

• Select large, healthy cloves.

• Disinfect cloves with potassium permanganate for 15 min. (optional)

• Plant the cloves about 4″ apart, rows should be about 18 inches apart.
• Plant each clove about 2″ deep (I use a “stick tool”):)

• Plant the cloves root-end down.

• Cover loosely with soil, then mulch lightly.
… and wait for spring:)

You can find more information how to plant garlic here.

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